Course 4

A high performing team can achieve much more than individuals working independently. Understanding all the factors that contribute to a group of people working in synergy towards the same goal, will enhance your personal effectiveness and the value of your contribution to the team.

Who should attend?

Anyone who leads a team or is part of a team, teams attending as a group to improve their approaches of working together and improve the team’s effectiveness.

Course benefits

• Understand Teams
• Understand the team building experience
• Get team members out of their comfort zone and help them to experience new awareness of their needs and how to meet them through team effort. • Get team members to evaluate all their assumptions about how they communicate.
• Cause participants to exhibit new leadership abilities.
• Learn how to make teams really work.

How are we different?

• Bring closer “team” members who don’t know much about their colleagues
• Disclose attitudes of members through activities and find solutions to observed behaviors
• Show with means of games if the team actually functions as one after doing a questionnaire to assess this aspect. (This activity is REAL fun.)
• We aim is to shorten the storming stage for your team by prompting attitude change