Based on International Standards and Knowledge

  • PMP: Based on PMBOK 5 until PMBOK 6 starts affecting the examination in 20018.
  • PMI-ACP: A compilation of knowledge from various resources in alignment with PMI-ACP examination requirements.
  • Management Soft Skills: Mainly “Leadership” and “Team-building”, presenting the latest theories and approaches.
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  • Although preparation for the PMP examination is aligned with PMBOK 5, it is not to test your knowledge of PMBOK 5 only. There is additional information on Project Management to be covered. We will take care to make sure you get all the knowledge you need to pass. It is important to note that the PMP test is not all about checking how well you know the concepts, it is about being able to solve situational questions based on your critical thinking and analysis, and sometimes on your understanding of PMI Code of Conduct and Ethics.
  • Many people think Scrum is synonymous to Agile Project Management. In fact Scrum is one of and the most popular of approaches used in Agile Project Management. PMI-ACP additionally covers other approaches in Agile Project Management all under the umbrella of the Agile Mindset.
  • Theories in Management are always evolving. Knowing the theories of Leadership is important, but being a 21st century leader is even more important. Soft skills are a “must have” for project managers and all employees.